Villa di Torre a Cona

The medieval tower at the center of the villa which gives it its name, is the oldest part of the building, dating back to medieval times. The villa, among the largest in the Florence area, was built in the late 1700s for the Rinuccini, who held it until 1848 when it passed to the Marquis Trivulzio of Milan. In 1882 it was bought then by Baron Padoa.
The building of enormous size, placed in position raised above the surrounding terrain, it is mundane, driveway by two terraces connected by a double flight. The tripartite façade by pilasters, with full-height Central twice the side, perfectly square.
The Park, which stretches along the left side of the villa while maintaining its original appearance, was released at the end of the 17th century and early 18th century. Feature of the Park is the geometric shape diamond, from whose centre radiating avenues that go to the top and center of the sides. In mythological and allegorical statues are made of brick and masonry and covered in stucco. An inscription on one of them remembers Giuseppe Cantini, Cook who advanced time were dedicated to sculpture and architecture. It may be that he intervened also in the design of the original project.
Two specimens of Atlas Cedar makes a fine show in the space in front of the villa; These are the only two non-native essences exist, in fact the Park is mainly composed of towering cypresses, Oaks and some specimen of downy oak.
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