The Arno Spring

The source of the Arno, or Capo d’Arno, at 1358 meters above sea level. Capo d’Arno is certainly a place of great relaxation and very suitable for eating a well-deserved sandwich after a nice walk. It was placed here in Capo d’Arno by the CAI on October 3, 1954 this plaque that recalls some verses of the XIV Canto della Divina Commedia in which Dante Alighieri tells us about the Arno.


The Arno Spring is to be considered a Dantesque place, not so much because it is mentioned in his Comedy, but because it is more than fair to think that Dante, during his long stay in Casentino in the early years of the fourteenth century, has known this place physically for two reasons. Because Dante had to and wanted to know the places he mentioned, because near Capo d’Arno passed a path that connected Casentino to Romagna where the poet often went..>>>>>>