Castelfranco di Sopra e la torre d’Arnolfo

The village of Castelfranco di Sopra is located in the Valdarno side of Pratomagno m.281 slm It was founded in the late thirteenth century in a strategic place to control transit trade and military domination of the area. In fact, in this new earth” were stationed troops that the Florentine Republic used against local nobles.
Just we come to Castelfranco we can not admire the beautiful tower that welcomes us; is it more evident the rest of the castle founded by Florence. The history of the construction is not well understood and its design by Arnolfo di Cambio seems certain.

The tower has undergone several interventions editing and restoration: in the first half of 1500 was added to the clock; in 1610 the top was covered with a protective roof that changed the entire look of the monument, and which was later removed. Near the door you can see a stretch of the old castle walls well preserved.

In 1996 Castelfranco celebrated on the seventh centenary of its foundation by restoring the so-called Tower of Arnolfo“, considered the symbol of the country.
Climbing the tower we can admire the bell on top of this and the landscape of Castelfranco at the foot of the Tuscan Apennines.





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