Montozzi Castle

Montozzi is known as early as the 13th century when it was owned by the counts Umbertini of Arezzo. The first half of the XIV century the castle was considered the most prominent Ghibelline outpost against Florence, to which he had to submit in 1385, when it became part of the podesteria of Valdambra. In 1399 Montozzi, having revolted in Florence, was again riassoggettato by the Guelphs. Since then the Castle fell, suffering over the centuries following many changes. Among the most noteable creation, around 1800, by the then landlord of the villa Bartolomeo Bartolini Bardelli, a large park around the villa itself, called Banned.
900 underwent many alterations during the man, especially during World War II; in 1944 the Germans before retiring occupied the villa, giving it flames. The fire, which lasted two full days, particularly damaged frescoes and murals. At the end of the last century the villa was restored, as well as many of the homes of borghetto.
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