Sant’Andrea Abbey

It’s a church which is located just outside the Centre, along the road that leads to San Clemente, in the municipality of Loro Ciuffenna, Arezzo.
Already existed in the 11th century, in 1425 was incorporated to the Abbey of Vallombrosa, then in the 16th century it became suffragan of Gropina. The building, an example of a particularly austere Romanesque façade in large blocks of sandstone with simple portal lintel and mullioned window with capitellum in crutch. At the end is the small bell tower.
The Interior has a single nave with a wooden roof, was concluded by a quadrangular apse turned to cruising. The apse, used as a farmhouse, is separated by a wall on which is placed a painted 18th-century Madonna and child with Saints Andrew and Giovanni Gualberto. Near the presbytery opens a cell that holds the relics of the hermit Friar strong.
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