Bandella Oasis

The nature reserve of Bandella is a natural oasis along the bed of the Arno, in a short stretch of about 4.5 kilometers between the dam of Levane (Ar) and the bridge Romito (pictured above)

The protected area is rich in biodiversity to be admired in all seasons and also used as a stopover for migrating by some species of birds.

Here you can recognize the various types of vegetation present and the types of birds like the heron , the cormorant , the Flamingo , the ‘ nightingale of the river, the song thrush and many others, but the real king of Bandella is the kingfisher , hurtling fast-deep water in search of insects.

For those who want all the information on how to visit the Oasis of Bandella you can write to the guides Alcedo Environmentor contact them by mail at this address:

 Tel: 055 5357501

 Tel: +39 328 1520911

 Tel: +39 328 2024692



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