Two are the assumptions of the name attributed to the fort of Mount Davey: from the family owner or the Latin name “Mons Dominicus” i.e. “Mount of the Lord” otherwise called “Place of the master”. At the beginning of the 1300 was acquired by the “Forest”, the Figlinese family who managed to obtain a discreet power in this corner of Valdarno. He built, at the moment of maximum splendour, a system that Imperniava in the castle of the family of Figline, but that he also connected Pian Fernandez, Tartigliese, Mount Davey and the Badia di Montemuro. The castle in various epochs was at the center of fighting between Florence and Siena, being at the limit of the Florentine count and in a position of counterpoint with the Rocca di Volpaia on the other side of the ridge. It was demolished in 1483.
In the last years the municipality of Cavriglia proceeded to a first restoration but still are a great muraglione and the towers demolished.
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