Museo della Lana

It was inaugurated in autumn 2010 after three years of restoration work on the building, an admirable example of industrial archaeology, which until the mid-twentieth century was one of the major centers for wool processing in Italy. Some of the premises of the factory have been adapted to the museum and to the place of memory of a particular type of processing, that of the Casentino cloth, and center of diffusion of textile culture, strong especially in medieval times in the area of Florence where there were powerful corporations (see Art of Wool). The restoration project was financed by the Fondazione Luigi e Simonetta Lombard, to which the area belongs, while the technical part was curated by the engineering and architecture company Comes. Educational workshops are held inside.

The visit to the museum is divided into the following sections:

An art as old as man
Nature and the fibres
The Art of Wool: the artisanal processing of wool
The wool mill of Stia
Industrial processing of wool