Masaccio Museum

The paintings are not the only attraction of the museum, that, you are exposed precious and important sacred objects from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth century from Cascia and other churches of Reggello. Particularly valuable is then Kit beautiful planet that are an excellent sampling of tissues of liturgical use by the end of the fifteenth to the twentieth century.

Another important area of ​​the museum is dedicated to the triptych of Saint Juvenal that a room contains a number of documentaries and educational media on Masaccio and his work even in the most modern computing capacity. You could also take into consideration the importance of the same church of San Pietro, masterpiece of Tuscan Romanesque, whose long and fascinating history deserves to be well documented and illustrated: a setting decorated with antique furniture and portraits of Pievani from you all ‘Eight hundred was therefore intended purpose.



The Masaccio Museum is also a constant point of reference educational and cultural primarily for local schools, and secondly for all individual visitors and groups who want to deepen, in addition to knowledge of the Triptych of Masaccio, also the artistic richness of the territory of Reggello and history of Cascia. To this end, they have organized meetings, conferences, lectures, small exhibitions.

The triptych seen up close.

After giving a first look along with the work of Masaccio, we observe now some details:
– The floorboards green converging in perspective towards the center.
– The throne of stone on which sits the Madonna and we see sagging deep and moving forward on the side doors, occupying real space.
– The side compartments on which stands out the natural perspective of pastoral and books, supported by hands that take just as naturally, grabbing, shaking.
– The drapery cloaks that drape with emphasis on light and shade without decorativismi superfluous.

All these signs contain the great innovation of Masaccio are painted with the knowledge to make them faithful to the truth and to subject them to the rules of reality. For the first time Masaccio realized the classic concept according to which art has to be an imitation of nature and visually makes explicit the theory is that the manifesto of Renaissance art. Let us dwell on the iconographic content of the Triptych.


From June to September evening opening from 21.00 to 23.00 in the first and third Saturday of the month

The museum can be open by appointment at other times as indicated.

Guided tours to the Museum and the Parish.


Adults: 3,00
Reduced ticket € 2.50

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