Gropina Parish Church

One capital after another, and then yet another a plaque, an inscription to be deciphered, a decoration to bring back to its former glory The restoration of the Parish of Gropina, masterpiece of the sacred in the town of Loro Ciuffenna, location great magic and spirituality, is a work in progress for decades. Funded by small local initiatives.

pieve di gropina interno1

The church, which faces a square which is also the heart of the village of minuscolpo Gropina, is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Tuscany, but with the remains of the first church of the VVI century and a second two-naves of the VIIIIX centuries. Both are bare exterior, are so richly decorated interior, and especially wonderful is the pulpit carved with animal figures.

 pieve di gropina2

pieve di gropina


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