San Giustino Parish Church

The Church of San Giustino (Ar) is not visible from the stretch of road that runs through the country because Setteponti hidden from homes so you need to make a slight detour as indicated by the cartel.

pieve di san giustino

Its appearance does not remember certain typical Romanesque churches in stone which has remained only the left side and the back of the apse ; the various changes undergone renovations and influenced by different styles over the years have altered the facade, now completely plastered, almost to mask his inner beauty.
Its origins date back to around the year one thousand when it was placed in the highest part of the country, from there you have the name “of Cabiano “due to a Roman settlement existed here, then later built around the twelfth century where it is still .
Passing through the front door you immediately notice unexpected elegance with three aisles, columns, pilasters and capitals in sandstone reminiscent of the interior of bellissimna  Pieve of Cascia in Reggello (Fi) albeit with smaller dimensions.



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