Sant’Agata in Arfoli Parish church

Its origins can be traced back to the Goths, which one should the name arfoli, who revered Agatha, patroness of lactating women. Enriched in the 13th century a small cloister, was converted and enlarged to a Latin cross in 1643 and changed in the sixties of the twentieth century. Keeps a slab of sandstone of the 8th-9th century, decorated in low relief with patterns of knots and tangles and with stylized birds.
Inside are the frescoes from the porch outside with Storie di Sant’Agata (XIV-XV centuries); Another fresco, attributed to Raffaellino del Garbo, depicts the Madonna enthroned with child, Saints Anthony and Sebastian and the developer (1497); Another is divided into two scenes whose top depicts the Annunciation (1451)


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