The planetarium

The planetarium reconstructs, inside a room with a special dome, the sky as we would see it open in a place away from the annoying lights of the city. Playing with the celestial sphere and simulating space displacements -Temporal to the discovery of the boreal sky in the various seasons you can recognize the constellations, the motions of stars, Moon, Sun and planets and you can learn to orient yourself with the stars.
The Planetarium can host groups up to a maximum of 28 visitors, for a larger group are activated 2 lessons (1 hour under the dome and 1 hour in the conference room) with 2 operators.


Popular evenings: 4 euro per person, 2 euro children 7 = 14 years, children free
Educational activities: 5,50 euros per child

Small Cooperative Society Óros
Tel. 335 6244440